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What are the benefits of H2 water bath?

Studies shows that Hydrogen-rich electrolyzed warm water represses wrinkle formation against UVA ray together with type-I collagen production and oxidative-stress diminish in fibroblasts and cell-injury prevention in keratinocytes.  Take H2 water bath with H2 concentration 200~400ppb everyday for three months.  The users improve their skin quality very well.


Does H2 water bath get any effect on beauty?

Yes. H2 water for bath and face clean are very helpful to eliminate the spots, dullness and wrinkles after long time using.[/toggle][toggle title=”What’s the difference between Hydrogen water and Alkaline water?” open=”no”]Alkaline water is water with high PH level up to 14.  Drinking alkaline water has no significant help for people.  Rich-H2 water with PH near neutral PH 7 is healthy for human body.

Hydrogen-rich water is water (H2O) that contains dissolved H2.  H2 gas is not only bound to the water molecules, but is available to the body as an antioxidant.

H2 can selectively scavenge toxic hydroxyl radicals (*OH) and convert them instantaneously to water: 2*OH + H2 -> 2H2O. Hydrogen gas also has many other beneficial properties.[/toggle][toggle title=”What studies have been conducted on the potential benefits of hydrogen?” open=”no”]You may visit the following web sites for related data:


Is H2 gas dangerous due to its explosive nature?

H2 gas is extremely explosive in air when its concentration exceeds 4%~75% by volume.  It is not explosive when dissolved in water.


How much H2 water does one need to drink to get benefits results?

The studies shows it based on concentrations of 1-3 mg/L* of dissolved H2.  If water contains 1 mg/L* of dissolved H2, drinking two litres of that water gives 2 mg of H2.  We suggest to drink 1000 mL of rich-H2 water every day to keep the health.[/toggle][toggle title=”How long has H2 been used for therapeutic benefits?” open=”no”]People can find records of hydrogen gas being used for medical benefit (anti-inflammatory) that date back to the 18th century.  The history of its use indicates that hydrogen gas can be very safe at concentrations hundreds of times higher than therapeutic doses typically applied today.

From 2007 onward, the articles about the benefits of hydrogen was published in the prestigious journal of Nature Medicine by Dr. Ohta’s group.