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Story behind the brand – H2Day

H2Day believes firmly that health and happiness are from the respect for life and the attitude of living in harmony with nature.   As an environmental protector, H2Day believes that good life derives from simplicity and keeps on practicing a simple way to maintain good health.

Several years ago, the holder of the brand visited Nordenau Springs in Germany, and was astonished by many old couples seeking the legendary miracle water for longevity and its power to heal ailments.  After studying, he found that all documents claim that the so called miracle healing water is rich in H2, and that H2 is approved with antioxidant effects.

H2Day started to design H2 generators for relatives and friends, and the fact shows that their health do benefit from H2.  In order to help more people, the holder of H2Day leads a RD team to develop a series of H2 products.


How we differ

H2Day believes that great products need to be set off with good design and quality.  In the market, the qualities of H2 products are not consistent or user-friendly. We focus on high end designs with ergonomics, aesthetics, and functional integration in mind.  Our core H2 generation technologies are patented and we always plan to help more people.  There are three main H2 ingestion methods including inhalation, drinking and bathing.  People can get daily hydrogen health care conveniently at home or outdoors.

Since 2003, we donate 1% of turnover every month to help the disadvantaged minorities and participates in local charities.

You are very welcome to join us.

Smiling and happy family lying together on the grass outdoors